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Reiki with Dhyan Ji


Product Description

What is Reiki? 

Reiki with Dhyan ji is a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience. Reiki is a gentle none invasive healing art that involves channeling the “Ki” or life force energy in order to balance ones own being and others. It is a multi-level healing technique that acts to bring harmony and balance to the physical body, emotional body, spiritual body and the mental state of being.  Reiki works to relax and de-stress both the practitioner and the recipient.

How long is a Reiki Treatment? 

Reiki treatments can be from a 30 minute energy booster, to a full 60 minutes deep relaxation or a 90 minute reboot. These options enable you to fit Reiki into your life style as a part of your own mental health and wellbeing routine.

Reiki healing helps you, the individual to connect to your highest wisdom and your own innate inner healing power.

The deeper benefits of Reiki 

 If you have a medical condition, suffer with stress, depression or anxiety, Reiki can help you alleviate these symptoms.  The deep relaxation which occurs during a Reiki session helps to balance your body’s systems by creating a state of deep of meditation for your body. This relaxes your mind and uplifts your soul. Reiki can help anyone, especially those who are dealing with the side-effects of medication, it is considered very useful in the reduction of pain relief.

Reiki is a powerful and profound tool for the path of spiritual awakening and spiritual development. It enables the recipient over time to deepen in their body awareness and this new found awareness helps in all areas of their lives.

* Results will vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

Dhyan Ji is a Reiki Master and has been sharing the gift of Reiki for over 22 years now. Over these years she has worked with 100’s of people and occasionally animals. She has helped people regain confidence in themselves, take back their power and heal themselves. Reiki works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit and it can help to bring balance and harmony into all areas of your life.  

 “When living a mad and crazy life as many of us do in today’s’ society, we can become anxious and stressed, more like a human doings, not a human beings! My Reiki healing sessions with Dhyan , give me the chance to re-energise on a physical level when I don’t have time for a weekend away or a holiday, enabling me to re- enter my working day feeling revitalised and renewed. The sessions help me to re-remember who I AM, allowing healing time for my mind, body and spirit, she assists me in staying grounded in the midst of the hectic lifestyle that I tend to lead.” – Adele MH

” I saw Dhyan for some healing a few months ago she gave me a feeling of such positivity that has lasted and a whole new outlook on my life. Just you being you is an inspiration to me.”- Anna B 


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