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121 with Dhyan Ji


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What is a 121 with Dhyan Ji? 

As a spiritual teacher and guide Dhyan Ji will lead you into a deep dive of self exploration, like a strong wind she will clear away any obsessive thinking.  In these sessions people often experience a deeper sense of Self, connection and peace. Through her divine presence Dhyan Ji brings peace, stillness of mind and magic, helping souls remember who they are. She helps you to release what you no longer need and she holds the space for you to receive what you do need. She is a guide for truth and transforms your reality with her presence. She shows you how to live in true freedom, open to life and at the same time grounded in your spirituality. She is a source of reflection, she will enable you to look at yourself with fresh eyes and dissolve the false sense of identity which is the cause of your suffering. She strips back the layers of your conditioning and brings you fully present to the moment. She is here to bring light and help us align to deep truth at this time of awakening on the planet. She helps to nourish, energise and encourage you on your path and she will assist you in dissolving the problem you are facing. Her Darshan is extremely powerful and will help you release any blockages you are experiencing. Dhyan is a support, a guru of wisdom and a presence who guides you back to the source of serenity, sacredness, love, joy, inner peace and connection.

Many people have experienced profound inner transformation and healing through these deep dive one to one session. They  are tailored to the individual, focusing on core areas such as Relationships, Work, Home and Health. Together we will look at these aspects and create a healing space for transformation, presence and an opening for change where ever it is needed. This is an opportunity to connect with your inner nature.


Dhyan will lead you into the process of Self inquiry through stillness, silence and dialogue. Stillness is the foundation of our true nature and the space in which all else is experienced. Stillness is where the reality of our experience can be known and Satsang is an invitation into the here and now, which is not as we imagine it to be. Stillness expands our capacity to see what is and it dispels the minds chatter, enabling us to see reality with true clarity.

We will look at the fundamental questions that open up the space for inquiry. When we deeply explore these questions we find that there is an end to suffering and seeking and we are free to experience life just as it is.

Who am I?  What is my nature? What is here? What is always present?

This is an opportunity to come to know the Self for the very first time and recognise that knowing as home, as the truth of who we are. Self inquiry is the process of meeting ourselves in truth so as to truly know our divine nature. This may seem complicated, however it is the most natural thing in the world. It is our true state, our pure state, our original state of being.

” Dhyan facilitated deep inner inquiry. We sat in a sacred circle by candle light, in a peaceful place. Yes tears were shed, tears of sadness and joy. Dhyan needs cloning so many more people can experience this deep inner inquiry and release of emotions that no longer serve us. Dhyan thank you from the centre of my heart and soul for helping me Awaken, Awaken to Love. ”
Dr Dawn GC MBE 2017
” I had a session with Dhyan Ji and I have to say it was one of the most beautifully peaceful, present and heartfelt sessions.. she has a way of helping you to awaken to realizations you may already know deep down but brings them out in such a way that is truly magical. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to feel their soul awaken to the beauty that lies within.. such a wonderful experience! Thank you Dhyan . “
Jewels F 2018 
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” Dhyan Ji radiates authenticity within every ounce of her being and almost instantaneously I saw my reflection pointing back at me. After going into the ‘story’ of what was holding me captive, she single handedly pointed out the simple fact that I had dismissed during meditation, ‘So, what did you say again, you became no body?’ In that moment everything dissolved, along with the false sense of identity that I was still grasping onto. I fully became awareness itself, embodying the truth that there is no beginning, middle or end, just the happening of now. It is the divine presence in which Dhyan holds that enables you to recognise your true Self in her, the Self before mind. The Self that is here, eternally, existing in the moment in and through every thing. Not separate from but as. That the I is a moving dance of creation spontaneously existing here. I now exist in full recognition of the One, not as a concept in which I was trying to mentally comprehend, but as an embodied state of Being. I fully recognise the Self as the Universe that always has and will be, there is absolutely no thing externally that can provide liberation other than the absorption into my very Being.”
Georgia R 2018
” I have followed Dhyan Ji’s unfolding with interest as her words resonate deeply within my awareness. Dhyan has a stillness and presence I have have witnessed in very few people. When we met and sat down it felt like I was lifted beyond this awareness into the presence of divine source frequency so powerful I could feel it flowing through me as if I was made of water. My frequency shifted higher and higher within minutes and I was unravelled more and more deeply by love as it wound into my soul without a word.
Once I began to become accustomed to this frequency and we began to speak I was able to flow and open in Dhyan’s company as she sees me as I really am with no projections or expectations, just unconditional presence. I was able to ask some deep questions that have come up for me as my own experience has been profound over the last few months and has felt like a dying process as I unfold back to source. Dhyan held me in the space and every word was meaningful taking me to a deepr understanding of my experience and awareness.
Our time together was so peaceful and I left feeling that there is nowhere else to be other than right here right now in the experience of divinity, and this simple truth is so freeing. Dhyan Ji is a beautiful creative soul shining out and helping to bring light and allignment to us in this time of shifting. Thank you for your love, honouring and light. ”
Susanne M 2017



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